September 07, 2005

Bye Bagram...

The last several months have gone so fast. I haven't really had time to update the site, but I at least wanted to let everyone know I will be headed to Qatar over the next few days.

I have some work to do while I'm there, and hopefully I can get out in town and take some photos. After that, it's back to Kuwait.

I don't know if I'll ever return to Afghanistan, but I wouldn't mind. I like this place, and the mountains really are beautiful.

I'll update again soon...

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September 16, 2005

Qatari 2600

I made it back to Kuwait, after spending the past few months in Afghanistan. I had the pleasure of taking a detour through Qatar, working in the capital of Doha for three days. I was lucky enough to venture downtown, and I brought my camera like always...

Looking across the bay, you can see the beautiful night skyline of Doha's many hotels. To the right is the Sheraton, with its unique Pyramid design.

In this direction, you can see a replica of the Tower of Babel (center) built on top of a mosque.

A government building.

I went to the Sheraton Doha and took the elevator up to the top.

From there, you get a much broader view, but this was the only picture I took.

If you're afraid of heights, don't ride the elevator.

Another night, I went with some co-workers to a house party. Alcohol is legal in Qatar, so we popped a couple drinks and relaxed a bit. I felt like the usual nerd taking pictures of the food, but this was worth remembering. FYI, I don't think this food is native to Qatar.

More stuff. The fuzzy-looking things look like lychees, but are actually called Rambutans (Thanks Tom from Hong Kong for the correction!), and the inside tastes like mild coconut. Very good.

From Qatar, I hitch-hiked on a C-17 to Kuwait. C-17s (also known as Globemasters) are one of the largest types of aircraft currently in use.

It appeared I was the only passenger on this otherwise empty aircraft. Mind you, these planes can store a small country onboard...I couldn't help but get a small ego boost. hehe.

Other News...

I know, no updates for several weeks, and then this tiny article? WTF, eh?!

Sorry, I've been busy with work, and I just got over a small cold. I'm also getting ready to return to the US for a few weeks.

After that, I will be coming back to Kuwait, and only then will I know if I'm destined to return to Baghdad and the infamous "Green Zone."

It's tough keeping up with this web site, but I'll keep trying...

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September 29, 2005

Sandy Eggo

This is probably the lamest update yet, but I wanted to let everyone know I'm back in the States. This is also the shortest trip I've made back...I leave for Kuwait again on Monday.

I accepted the position in Baghdad, so there will be lots more to write about later. Until then...

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