December 02, 2004

Ok ok ok...

I wanted to post a quick update. Some of my friends have asked me to keep doing the site, even though it might take a couple weeks to post. So I'll try and keep up. It just might take longer. Sheesh.

What's been happening lately? Aside from my root canal, and being stupid with a knife (trying to fix a home appliance and instead fixing my thumb), all is well. I made another desert run today, to one of Kuwait's outer camps...probably a 17 hour work day today, but I'm starting to enjoy this insanity. Oh, and I'll try to get pictures of the camps next time.

It still amazes me, when I run into a total stranger who hears my name and then asks if I have the Dan in the Desert web site. That's what happened today, while I was on the phone with a network tech. And that wasn't the first time, either. Crazy.

And it also looks like I'll be making another run into Iraq. I don't know when, but it shouldn't be for too long. I'll keep y'all posted.


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December 18, 2004


What a great picture. Just pure desert. That's all there is in most of Kuwait. Driving through the open sand, you get this overwhelming sense of emptiness out here. It's weird.

Part of my new job involves driving out to the various camps in Kuwait, to check on our systems and see that everything is up to speed. There are a few sites literally out in the middle of nowhere, some are along the coast by the shipping ports, and there is one way up at the Iraq border.

I'll have to get some real pictures up because these are a joke, but it's better than nothing. But that's the point...there is nothing out here to take a picture of.

The wind can get very strong out here. The one thing I like about that is the way the sand blows across the roads. It reminds me of snow, and my time in Mammoth.

I'll be making a run up to these camps in a couple days, so I'll take some better pictures.

Driving up these roads, you run across Bedouins, local nomads. They just wander around in the desert and set up tents, like in the old days. I still don't get it. Some are shepards and some have camels.

Other news...

Sometime in January, I'm scheduled to head up into Iraq again. I know I said that in the last post, but I can't really say anymore until I know where I'm headed. All I know is it may be two or three stops.

Oh yeah, Kuwait just opened a Hard Rock, in Salmiyah along the coast. It is pyramid-shaped, made of glass, and next time I go I'll take some pictures. It's pretty cool.

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December 21, 2004

Q8 City

Here's the new Hard Rock Cafe in Kuwait City. The restaurant has an amazing view of the Persian Gulf, through the glass-windowed pyramid.

Here's the front entrance to the cafe, and inside they've got the usual rock star paraphernalia.

Here's the view from inside the restaurant. In the distance, you can see the Twin Towers.

All is well. I had a pretty good weekend, mostly because I didn't have to go to the dentist for once. I'm almost finished with that root canal (and surprise gum surgery). Actually it hasn't been too bad, and this guy received his training in the States, so he's very skilled...

But he reminds me of that "Dr. Nick" from the Simpsons: Makes you laugh, but you might not want to put your life in his hands.

Yesterday, I went on another run out to the remote camps. I kinda forgot I didn't have to go to Navistar, and I ended up driving all the way to the northern border. Oops.

Here's a map, updated with a few new places I've visited.

Driving up the main road, I passed a Hungarian convoy, headed for Iraq. This route, known as MSR Tampa, goes from Saudi Arabia, through Kuwait, and all the way up Iraq. This is the second time I've driven on MSR Tampa (the other time being in Iraq). Click Here if you want to see the time I took MSR Tampa to Babylon back in August, 2004.

Kuwait is supposedly the fifth worst place to drive in the world, although I can't remember where I read that. I believe it though. I see accidents practically every day.

I'd give this guy 10 points for creativity...

Off the main roads, driving over to Camp Buehring, the pavement is either in bad shape or nonexistent. But it is fun!


Well, that's all for now. I'll keep y'all posted...

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