March 17, 2004

First Post!

Dan in the Desert (DITD) goes live! Bask in the glory; pray for Dan; read daily; reply often.
not dan

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March 31, 2004

Landed in Kuwait

I made it safely to Kuwait. First point was Camp Wolverine: basically, a "tent city" near the Kuwaiti airport (I'm sure you can Google it). I then processed my Visa, and was taken across Kuwait City to Camp Doha, a more established Army Base.

Camp Doha has been around since the first Gulf War, so they have been able to improve upon the site by, say, adding a Starbucks to their stores on site.

I will be here for an undeterminable amount of time, and then it's off to Iraq. I will try and throw another update here in a couple days.

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